Low-Voltage Series Reactors (Detuned Reactors)

Low-Voltage Series Reactors (Detuned Reactors)

XDTH Series

Detuned reactors, connected in series, are necessary for circuits with high harmonic currents. These “series reactors,” usually part of a power factor correction (PFC) capacitor bank, help to reduce harmonics in currents, increase power efficiency, and prevent disasters caused by resonance.

Product Features

  • Winding of the coils with shaped wire (or round wire) of high conductivity
  • IP degree of protection: IP00
  • Type of cooling: Natural
  • Indoor installation
  • Electrical insulation class: Class H
  • Equipped with thermal sensors


  • Standards: IEC 60076-6 or CNS Standards
  • Rated voltage: 220~600 Vac
  • Detuning factor p: 7% (50 Hz) or 6% (60 Hz)
  • High linearity: ≥ 1.8 times the rated current
  • Inductance tolerance: +/- 3% (IEC), or -5%~+10% (CNS)
  • Ambient air temperature for operation: -20°C~+40°C
  • Custom designs upon request

Dimensions, Example Specifications, and Wiring Diagram

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