Electric Vehicle DC Quick Charger【GB Standard】【1 or 2 guns】

Electric Vehicle DC Quick Charger【GB Standard】【1 or 2 guns】

AEVQC-60/750-U2, AEVQC-120/750-U2

This DC Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles uses high-frequency switching power supply technology, digital DSP technology and PWM control technology to charge the battery through intelligent charging control algorithms. The power range is 60kW~150kW, which is suitable for public parking lots, new energy bus charging stations, expressway service areas, etc.

About the Product

The AEVQC Series DC Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles meets international charging standards for new energy vehicles. The all-in-one EV charging pole includes a GB-standard interface, as well as setting control, management, query, display and other functions. The entire charging process is regulated through an intelligent control system. This EV charging pole offers 250-750V wide output voltage range. Its intelligent dual-plug power feature offers dynamic allocation allowing charging of two electric vehicles at the same time, as well as super-fast charging for one vehicle with two plugs. The AEVQC Electric Vehicle DC charging pole is safe, reliable, efficient and convenient.







AEVQC-120/750 U2



With charging gun (2 guns)

Product Applications

  • Ideal for large electric-bus stations, expressway service areas, electric-car charging stations and other places, the AEVQC Series EV Charger is suitable for all types of electric vehicles capable of DC fast charging.

Interface Display

  • Full LCD touch screen displays working status, charging progress, IC card balance and other information for a friendly and intuitive operation.

Payment Methods

  • Many payment methods are supported, including third-party payment platforms, bank cards, bus cards, mobile payment systems and other forms of payment.

Innovative Features

  • Intelligent power distribution: Output for single-plug usage is at 100%; for double-plug usage, 50% per plug (in average).
  • Cycle charge: Single-plug output at maximum power, automatically switched.

Reliable Operation

  • Perfect waterproof and dustproof design, meeting various requirements for outdoor installation, ensures that the equipment is able to maintain stable operation in harsh environments such as continuous high temperature, heavy rain and high humidity.

Remote Monitoring

  • Support for Ethernet and a 3G / 4G communication interface enable network monitoring of charger operation. Customers can easily access the centralized “cloud” system to manage and study real-time equipment operation.

Safety Features

  • The AEVQC Series DC Charging Poles for Electric Vehicles offer protection, by its automatic full-stopping feature, against overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, earthing, lightning protection, and power outage.

*not all features are available in all countries

Installation Showcase



Tech index





Input voltage


Max. input current





Power factor



Output voltage

DC250-750V (Continuously adjustable)

Output rated power



Output current



Stabilized voltage precision


Stabilized current precision


Soft start


Module current imbalance


Ripple factor


Working efficiency


Port standard

National standard 9 core DC charging gun, GB/T20234.3-2015

Charging gun cable


Output method

Dual gun smart output

Auxiliary power

12V/24V 10A

Communication protocol

CAN, GB/T27930-2015


Touch screen


DC meter to measure the output power




Floor mounted

Dimensions (mm) (Width x Depth x Height)

W 950mm
D 610mm
H 1650mm

W 850mm
D 850mm
H 1850mm


IP54 (outdoor)

Cooling method


Ambient environmental requirement

Operating Temperature

-20℃~50℃ normal; 50℃~75℃ derating output

Storage temperature




Above sea level

≤2000m full load output

Installation spot

Free from strong vibration and impact, electromagnetic interference, external magnetic field induction strength shall ≤ 0.5mT

Installation inclination


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