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Electronic Energy Meters - CIC

CIC | CHALLENGE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1974, is a global supplier of Electronic Energy Meters. CIC specializes in the manufacture of instrument transformers, distribution transformers, detuned reactors, epoxy insulators, electronic energy meters, etc. Also provided or distributed are a wide range of other electrical or electronic apparatus.

Certified to ISO 9001, CIC ensures superior quality of its goods through such advanced technologies and materials as Swiss-manufactured equipment (for the production of resin insulators), Araldite® epoxy resin, and technology transferred from Messwandler-Bau (MWB) of Germany.

Backed by 44 years of experience, CIC offers custom-made products, OEM/ODM services, and technical support tailored to the needs of its discerning clientele.

Electronic Energy Meters

Electronic Energy Meters
Electronic Energy Meters

Available are numerous types of electronic energy meters suited to a wide variety of applications. CIC's current range of meters includes RS485 Electronic Energy Meters, DIN Rail Electronic Energy Meters, Single-Phase Pre-Payment Systems, and more. Additional types and models are also available and are currently being added.

CIC electronic energy meters have been designed for use in various markets and international territories. A provider of reliable electronic products, CIC has obtained various types of accreditation and certification concerning its meter range, including calibration certificates, ISO certificates for the design and manufacture of electricity meters, metrology licenses for manufacturing, servicing, and importing energy meters, etc. In addition, CIC's own internationally accredited Advanced Electricity Lab has also been certified for conducting numerous types of testing on electricity meters.

For more information on CIC's advanced and reliable energy meter products, please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

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  • Single-Phase Pre-Payment System (IC Card Prepaid Meter, Card Reader & Value Adder)
    Single-Phase Pre-Payment System (IC Card Prepaid Meter, Card Reader & Value Adder)

    This electronic, single-phase energy meter system includes a pre-payment meter, IC card reader, and a value adder.

  • DIN Rail Electronic Energy Meter
    DIN Rail Electronic Energy Meter
    CED Series

    This multi-functional DIN rail electronic energy meter, designed for monitoring energy usage, has multiple advantages, which include excellent reliability and ease of installation. The units are lightweight (the one-phase module is only 18mm wide). This compact meter can withstand currents up to 100-amps and can double that if used in conjunction with an appropriate current transformer. This meter is also available in a three-phase unit. Both the one-phase and three-phase models can support RS485 communication.

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