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CIC | CHALLENGE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1974, is a global supplier of Power Capacitors. CIC specializes in the manufacture of instrument transformers, distribution transformers, detuned reactors, epoxy insulators, electronic energy meters, etc. Also provided or distributed are a wide range of other electrical or electronic apparatus.

Certified to ISO 9001, CIC ensures superior quality of its goods through such advanced technologies and materials as Swiss-manufactured equipment (for the production of resin insulators), Araldite® epoxy resin, and technology transferred from Messwandler-Bau (MWB) of Germany.

Backed by 44 years of experience, CIC offers custom-made products, OEM/ODM services, and technical support tailored to the needs of its discerning clientele.

Power Capacitors

Power Capacitors
Power Capacitors

High-Voltage Power Capacitors.
Surge Absorbing Capacitors.
M-Series Dry-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitors.
Oil-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitors (Safety).
Gas-Filled Dry-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitors.

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  • Low-Voltage Tubular Power Capacitors
    Low-Voltage Tubular Power Capacitors
    WSCR Series

    Low-voltage, single-phase or three-phase power capacitors, featuring self-restoring metallized polypropylene film and built-in tension fuses. Comes with a screw at the bottom for easy installation. Cylindrical-shape aluminum alloy casing.

  • High-Voltage Power Capacitor
    High-Voltage Power Capacitor
    YHEB Series

    Please ask about our internal fuse type high voltage power capacitors or may be supplied in standard type, which do not have a fuse. Both have a low dissipation factor with low temperature rise and a long service life.

  • Surge-Absorbing Capacitor
    Surge-Absorbing Capacitor
    YHE Series

    CIC surge absorbing capacitors are designed to connect between the circuit and the ground in order to absorb and reduce any surge voltages, which may be generated from a breaker switch or lighting strike. They will protect transformers, rotating machines and other such electrical devices.

  • M-Series Dry-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitor
    M-Series Dry-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitor
    YRMA Series

    Our M-series dry-type low voltage power capacitors are made with a lacquered metal case, which has excellent anti-explosion and anti-fire capabilities. It's vertical box shape makes it suitable for assembly of multiple units, allowing for greater capacity while the design allows for space saving and reduced costs.

  • Oil-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitor (Safety)
    Oil-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitor (Safety)
    YSMA Series

    Our metal case oil type low voltage power capacitors have capacitor elements, which are impregnated in a high vacuum, low temperature rise giving them a long life expectancy.

  • Gas-Filled Dry-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitor (C Series)
    Gas-Filled Dry-Type Low-Voltage Power Capacitor (C Series)
    YYMA Series

    Our C series dry type low voltage power capacitors are made using an aluminum cylinder which is fire resistant and which protects against weather changes. Its compact design is excellent for saving space and in keeping costs down.

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