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Based in Taiwan, CIC | CHALLENGE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a Anchor Bolts / Foundation Bolts | electrical components & devices manufacturer since 1974.

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Anchor Bolts / Foundation Bolts

Anchor bolts or foundation bolts are as the name suggests, anchors that are typically used to attach objects or structures to concrete.

They are normally supplied in two sizes and two types which are:
½ x 6
½ x 8

In right angle bend or pig tail type anchors.

Other sizes that include ¾ or 1" diameters are available on request. In all cases, imperial sizes may be substituted for equivalent metric sizes as may be needed.

The following definitions will apply for Anchor Bolts:
  • Bolt: A bolt is an externally threaded fastener, typically for use through pre designed or drilled holes, typically intended to be tightened or released with use of an appropriately sized nut. A screw has features in it's design which make it capable of being used in a tapped or other preformed hole in the work it is designed for regardless of its use in its service application. Its basic design or features allow it to be tightened or released only by use of an accompanying nut of appropriate size.
  • Carbon Steel: Steel which owes its properties chiefly to various percentages of carbon without substantial amounts of other elements; is classified as steel when no minimum content of elements other than carbon content is specified.
  • GRADE is typically a reference to hardness. Common anchor bolts are grade 2.

Product Features

  • Bolts of this nature are typically threaded on the long side of the bend only. Thread length can be specified at the time the orders are placed, as can the bend length, though on standard ½", the bend is normally kept to 1-1/2".
  • Anchor bolts may be supplied with or without hex nuts and washers. Bolts and nuts may be supplied as attached or packaged separately as per customer requirements.
  • Most often, anchor bolts are supplied as bare metal. That is low carbon steel that is not coated or plated. However, on request, anchor bolts may also be supplied with zinc plating or be hot dipped galvanized.
  • Anchor bolts are made using rolled thread technology.
  • Anchor bolts are most often ordered as bulk packed, but may be packaged in any manner specified.
  • Depending on size and required finish normal lead-time on delivery is typically 60 days ex factory from time of order. Order quantities should be based on one full container load of approximately 19 metric tons.
  • Packaging is as diverse as the range of available sizes and can include but not be limited to quarter keg cartons, barrels, retail or blister packs or poly bags as needed.
  • Private label packaging can also be discussed.