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One of CIC’s supersized window current transformers. / Serving a diverse client base around the world, CIC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of current transformers, potential transformers (voltage transformers), distribution transformers, epoxy insulators, electronic meters, and other electrical and electronic products.

Niche market demands instrument transformers with exceptional sizes and specifications.

2023/07/12 Challenge Industrial Co., Ltd. (CIC)
One of CIC’s supersized window current transformers.
One of CIC’s supersized window current transformers.

CIC recently completed another batch of supersized window-type current transformers specifically designed for power generation plants. To ensure seamless export preparation, CIC's trading development division leader made her customary visit to the factory.

First developed and produced over 10 years ago, these distinctive current transformers represent one of Challenge Industrial’s noteworthy achievements, for these extraordinary offerings were created for highly specialized usage scenarios, including power generation plants.

Challenge Industrial Co., Ltd., known as CIC, has been Taiwan’s industry leader in designing and manufacturing such customized current transformers. Continually supplied to the international market for over a decade, these products have abundantly demonstrated their reliability and superior performance.

Due to their special application, these visually-striking current transformers feature large window diameters that can surpass 700 millimeters, while the heaviest variant in the lineup weighs as much as 196 kilograms. These current transformers also boast high current ratios, with some models reaching up to 30,000A: 1A (or 5A).

In contrast, window-type current transformers commonly used for general applications are usually of much smaller sizes, exemplified by CIC’s popular EOS, POS, and ROS-A series, all of which have gained widespread adoption and trust from domestic and international clients due to their practicality, durability, and precision.

CIC’s extra-large window-type current transformers, belonging to a niche segment in the industry, demonstrate a lesser-known utilization of instrument transformers, while showcasing CIC’s outstanding ability to push boundaries and fulfill customer requirements.

As Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of resin-insulated instrument transformers, CIC takes pride in providing tailor-made electrical products for a wide range of applications. Focusing on innovation and quality, CIC consistently delivers reliable and efficient solutions that empower industries worldwide.

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