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CIC Helps Taipei Wanhua Social Housing Go Green with EV Chargers

2023/12/20 Challenge Industrial Co., Ltd. (CIC)
CIC's EVSE team giving demo on EV Charger
CIC's EVSE team giving demo on EV Charger

Earlier this year, Challenge Industrial Co., Ltd. (CIC) installed electric vehicle (EV) chargers at a new social housing development in Wanhua District, Taipei.

Social housing is a type of public housing that is built by the government to provide stable housing for people. In recent years, social housing in Taiwan has become increasingly popular. In addition to meeting housing needs, the planning of social housing has also begun to focus on environmental and energy sustainability.

Wanhua District is one of the oldest districts in Taipei, with a rich history and culture. It is also home to the bustling Wanhua commercial district, making it one of Taipei's most unique areas. CIC is pleased to provide convenient charging facilities for residents of the community, and to promote green transportation and sustainable development at the same time.

The parking spaces at the Wanhua social housing development were equipped with three 7 kW AC chargers and one 30 kW DC charger, which can meet the charging needs of different types of EVs. CIC's charging stations are of high quality, safe and reliable, and meet the latest domestic standards.

The installation and promotion of EV chargers is a concrete action by CIC to promote green transportation and sustainable development. CIC will continue to work hard to provide more convenient charging facilities for the public, so that more people can enjoy the convenience and health benefits of green transportation.

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CIC EVSE team member giving a demo on the 30kW EV charger

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