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Electric Vehicle DC Quick Charger (Wall-Mount/Stand) / Serving a diverse client base around the world, CIC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of current transformers, potential transformers (voltage transformers), distribution transformers, epoxy insulators, electronic meters, and other electrical and electronic products.

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Electric Vehicle DC Quick Charger 【Wall-Mount/Stand】【1 or 2 guns】 | Enhance Safety and Performance with Superior Epoxy Insulators | CIC

Based in Taiwan since 1974, CHALLENGE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing high-quality electrical products, including Electric Vehicle DC Quick Charger 【Wall-Mount/Stand】【1 or 2 guns】, current transformers, voltage transformers, distribution transformers, epoxy insulators, and power capacitors. With over 45 years of expertise and technology collaboration with Germany's MWB, CIC is ISO certified and offers products recognized for reliability in various industrial applications.

Challenge Industrial Co., Ltd. (CIC) stands at the forefront of electrical innovation, specializing in the manufacturing of current transformers, voltage transformers, distribution transformers, epoxy insulators, and power capacitors. With a legacy built on over 45 years of engineering excellence and leveraging advanced German technology, CIC commits to delivering high-quality, ISO-certified electrical solutions. Their comprehensive product range, paired with an ISO-certified approach and a TAF-accredited laboratory, ensures reliability and performance for a diverse global market. CIC is your go-to source for electrical components that power progress and efficiency.

CIC has been offering customers high-capacity power capacitors since 1974, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experiences, CIC ensures each customer's demands are met.

Electric Vehicle DC Quick Charger 【Wall-Mount/Stand】【1 or 2 guns】

AEVQC1-30-U2, AEVQC2-30-U2, AEVQC3-30-U1

With a power range of 30kW, this DC fast charger for commercial electric vehicles is suitable for public parking lots, highway service areas, etc. Rated IP55 for outdoor application, this versatile EV charger can be wall-mounted or installed on a stand.

About the Product

The AEVQC Series Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers feature high-frequency switching power supply technology. Each of these EV charging poles provides charging through its intelligent charging-control algorithm based on the full digital DSP technology and PWM control technology. The power range is 30kW, suitable for public parking lots, highway service areas, etc. The AEVQC Series EV chargers can provide DC fast charging for commercial electric vehicles.

Connector Types

  • CHAdeMO & CCS1 (Model: AEVQC1-30-U2)
  • CHAdeMO & GB (Model: AEVQC2-30-U2)
  • CHAdeMO (Model: AEVQC3-30-U1)

Protection Level

  • IP55
  • Outdoor Application

Available Models




30kW CHAdeMO&CCS1 (2 guns)


30kW CHAdeMO&GB (2 guns)


30kW CHAdeMO (1 gun)

Technical Parameters









20J (IK10)


Dimensions (mm) 

700 × 297 × 880 (W × × H)

Weight (kg)

120 kg

Feature Index





System Index

Output rated power



Touch screen


Stand or Wall mount

Working efficiency

≥ 94

Power factor

≥ 0.99

User Authentication




Input voltage

AC380V ±10%, (3P3W+N+PE)


50/60 HZ ± 1%

Input AC current


DC output voltage


DC output current


Cable length


Plug type




Installation Showcase

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2019 Taiwan EVS — Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (Taipei AMPA)

CIC (Challenge Industrial Co., Ltd.) will be participating in the 2019 TAIWAN EVS, a part of the Taipei AMPA Exhibition (i.e. Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show), one of the most important exhibitions of its kind in Asia. This year’s 6-in-1 AMPA show will feature an estimated 1530 exhibitors, 4550 booths, and 40,000 domestic and foreign buyers (in 2018 the show attracted visitors from over 120 countries worldwide).CIC will be showcasing the following:

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