Overvoltage Protector for Current-Transformer Protection

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Overvoltage Protector for Current-Transformer Protection


When a power system is in operation, it is imperative that the secondary of the current transformer(s) should not have an open circuit. When an open circuit occurs, an extremely high transient voltage will be induced, which can in turn damage the current transformers and the instruments at the secondary, or even posing a threat to personal safety. This CT secondary overvoltage protector offers protection from such accidental damage caused by secondary transient voltage.

Product Features

  • Protection for three current transformers
  • Operation panel with flat buttons for manually setting the desired triggering voltage and response time according to CT types or specific requirements
  • Digital display showing current setting of triggering voltage and response time
  • An LED light indicator for each of the three current transformers (the light turns on when an open circuit occurs at the secondary of its corresponding CT)
  • Reset button for re-setting the triggering voltage and response time
  • Power indicator
  • Wide range of working source voltage (appropriate for use with a 110V or 220V working source)

Wiring Diagrams



Max. num. of CTs at the same time


Triggering voltage setting (range)

0 ~ 150VAC

Rated input current


Response time setting (range)

0 ~ 4 seconds

Relay contact rating

1C, 0 ~ 260V, 10A

Operation environment

Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃

Relative humidity: ≦ 96% RH

Altitude: ≦ 2500M

Working source

85 ~ 265VAC

Power consumption

≦ 5VA


Power frequency withstand voltage: ≦ 2500V

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