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MV Air-Core Reactor / Serving a diverse client base around the world, CIC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of current transformers, potential transformers (voltage transformers), distribution transformers, epoxy insulators, electronic meters, and other electrical and electronic products.

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Air Core Reactors | Enhance Safety and Performance with Superior Epoxy Insulators | CIC

Based in Taiwan since 1974, CHALLENGE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing high-quality electrical products, including Air Core Reactors, current transformers, voltage transformers, distribution transformers, epoxy insulators, and power capacitors. With over 45 years of expertise and technology collaboration with Germany's MWB, CIC is ISO certified and offers products recognized for reliability in various industrial applications.

Challenge Industrial Co., Ltd. (CIC) stands at the forefront of electrical innovation, specializing in the manufacturing of current transformers, voltage transformers, distribution transformers, epoxy insulators, and power capacitors. With a legacy built on over 45 years of engineering excellence and leveraging advanced German technology, CIC commits to delivering high-quality, ISO-certified electrical solutions. Their comprehensive product range, paired with an ISO-certified approach and a TAF-accredited laboratory, ensures reliability and performance for a diverse global market. CIC is your go-to source for electrical components that power progress and efficiency.

CIC has been offering customers high-capacity power capacitors since 1974, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experiences, CIC ensures each customer's demands are met.

Air Core Reactors

These MV air-core reactors are single-phase dry-type series reactors which are mainly used together with 12 kV or 24 kV capacitor banks in electrical substations of utility companies. The insulation shell of the product is molded in epoxy resin. To reduce core loss and noise, this type of self-cooling detuned reactor utilizes the air-core design and construction. Besides having excellent insulation and moisture resistance, these air-core reactors can withstand large short-circuit current, are easy to maintain, and offer great durability.

About the Product

  • Instead of using silicon steel lamination iron cores, these detuned reactors utilize the “air core” construction and design, resulting in reduced core loss and reduced noise. The exterior of the series reactor (its insulation shell) is molded in epoxy resin. 
  • In addition to their lower noise level, air-core reactors are characterized by excellent electrical properties such as outstanding insulation and moisture resistance. The air-core design and construction enable the series reactor to withstand large short-circuit current, thereby diminishing maintenance costs, increasing safety, and prolonging the product lifespan. 
  • Since 2002, CIC has been qualified and approved to provide air-core reactors for use with 12/24 kV capacitor banks in electrical substations. 
  • The air-core reactors can be used with an enclosure for outdoor applications.

Product Application Examples

CIC’s Air-Core Reactors (25.5 kV, 180 kVA) installed inside Taipei 101 to work with the 25.5 kV/9000 kVAR capacitor bank in the electrical substation of Taiwan Power Company.

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    CIC 2023 Company Profile

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11Apr 2023
CIC's Air-Core Reactors & Non-Ventilated Transformers in Taipei 101

24 units of CIC's Air-Core Reactors are used inside Taipei 101 (in the electrical substation of Taiwan Power Company). CIC’s Air-Core Reactors are known for their superior quality and are designed to work in conjunction with 25.5 kV/9000 kVAR capacitor banks. These 25.5 kV / 180 kVA dry-type reactors, with a resin-cast exterior, are low-maintenance and long-lasting. The air-core construction contributes to their low noise level and low core loss. In addition, this type of detuned reactor has excellent insulation and are moisture-resistant.

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12Apr 2023
30 units of Air-Core Reactors (capacity 60 kVA) delivered to Taiwan Power Company

A project manager from CIC’s Taipei Head Office Team recently visited a CIC factory in Taoyuan City to inspect a batch of Air-Core Reactors.

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04Jul 2023
36 Medium-Voltage Air Core Reactors recently delivered.

CIC recently completed and delivered 36 sets of medium-voltage air-core reactors. 24 of these products are of a larger type, rated 24 kV / 180 kVA, while the remaining 12 are compact in size, with the specs of 24 kV /2 kVA. The 36 products are designed for use with capacitor banks of two different capacities.

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